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We want to build a safe space where participants are able to be open and challenge our actions, beliefs and feelings. A commitment to personal transformation can be very challenging process, and we want to make sure to create a space that can hold that in a safe, accountable and transparent way.

We don’t want anybody to apologise for their assumptions. We are all here to learn. And the hierarchical structures we are talking about are social structures – they are not designed by any one of us, and we did not choose to internalise them. We hope this will be a space where we learn about our own as well as others’ behaviours. Behaviours – which are built by oppressive, violent and exploitative already existing institutions and social relationships – that we are born into and did not create ourselves, but that we can learn to challenge and avoid within the limits that capitalism and the State impose.

If you are interested in joining us on this Programme or finding out more, please contact us on:

PowerBeyondPrivilege [at]

Please also e-mail us on the above e-mail if you would like to Volunteer to help us build the Programme.


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